Academic Council

Academic Council

The academic council of skdc was established on 23.05.2023 to provide guidance and oversight to ensure quality and effectiveness of our programmes.The council is headed by secretary to co operation department and composed of the following members.

Smt. Mini Antony IAS

Secretary to Government, Co-operation Department.


Sree. T V Subash IAS

Registrar of Co-operative Societies

Dr. P V Unnikrishnan

Member Secretary, K-Disc

Dr. Thajudin Ahamed V I

Director, CAPE

Dr. S Jayakumar

Joint Director, CAPE

Other members are:

Smt. Subha K P

Joint Secretary to Government, Finance Dept.

Dr. Indulekha R

Director, Institute of Management Studies under CAPE

Dr. O A Joseph

Principal College of Engineering Vadakara

Dr. Prasanth MK

SKDC - Convener