Courses For Engineering Students

Skill Development Courses FOR Engineering STUDENTS

Mechanical QC

Enhance your Mechanical Engineering skills with our 45-day Mechanical QC course, ideal for third and fourth-year students. Explore non-destructive testing methods for a rewarding career in quality control.

Electrical QC

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Civil QC

Discover our 45-day course in Civil QC, covering international standards and concrete NDT techniques for a successful career.


Explore our intensive Flutter course, ideal for those looking to enhance their Computer Science and IT skills. Dive into Flutter and Dart, widget development, navigation, state management, API integration, and app publishing.

Python Django

Tailored for third and fourth-year Computer Science and IT enthusiasts, where you'll master web development, databases, authentication, front-end integration, and more to prepare for a thriving career.

Embedded C

Elevate your Electronics and Electrical skills with our 45-day Embedded C program for third and fourth-year students. Explore microcontrollers, real-time operating systems, and practical projects for a promising career in embedded systems.

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